popcorn the bear

Popcorn the Bear was created in 2004 by Debbie Howard, from the love of cute, cuddly bears and food. She created the ‘perfect’ bear and companion – soft, squidgy and always there in times of need.

Since then this exciting property has known a continuous growth year after year.  Aimed at preschoolers, the focus of the Brand is on emotional and good values like friendship, honesty, learning or family values. Popcorn and his friends live in a complete world of inspiration for children: it  is a magical world where everyone and everywhere is named after yummy things to eat and drink


The Typically old English style artwork used brings sentimentality and cuteness. There is a huge library of artwork in the style guide with over 200 illustrations including several backgrounds and motifs and new artwork is being added to this all the time.

Debbie Howard wrote a range of books for preschoolers and many different products in all categories are developed each year around this brand.


An animation series of 52 episodes is also in development.